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Welcome to West Chester Massage & Bodywork. We provide a variety of Malvern, PA massage services through our licensed Massage Therapist Diane Cellini. Our professional facility has been developed through years of experience and practice motivated by Diane’s passion and commitment to helping people get through pain. This can be reflected in the attention she gives each client as well as the massage environment.

Meet Diane Cellini

Diane Cellini is a Malvern, PA licensed massage therapist located in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Massage Services

Each Malvern, PA massage session starts with grounding and an intention for relaxation and healing.

Massage Benefits

Malvern, PA Massage is one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy to relieve pain and tone the body.


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Malvern, PA Massage Therapist You Can Trust

Working with Diane you can expect to not only feel your pain resolved, but you will also learn to maintain a better lifestyle to help prevent any further injury. Diane is dedicated to providing an excellent relationship with patients with the goal of completely eliminating pain or by providing the tools necessary to minimize the amount of pain patients are experiencing.

This passion for providing care for her patients stems from an accident that left Diane with chronic neck and back pain. Frustrated by the lack of results she was getting with conventional medicine, she decided to find an alternative solution to pain relief. She then met a chiropractor that would change her life for the better. In addition to his treatment plan he taught her how to prevent recurring flare-ups with a daily stretching and exercise routine as well as healthy habits to think about throughout her normal day.