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Diane Cellini is a licensed and insured massage therapist located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Blending intuition, clinical experience and her knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, Diane is able to get pain relief, increased mobility and corrective results for her clients.

She has been practicing massage since she graduated from The National Academy of Massage Therapy and Healing Sciences in 2004 where she learned the art and science of therapeutic massage. Diane’s decision to go into private practice dates back to her education at Widener University where she received her BS in Business Administration. Incorporating her interest in business and passion for helping people, private practice has allowed Diane to be more creative in her approach to healing and to develop strong partnerships with her clients who are committed to health and wellness.

Diane’s decision to become a massage therapist was influenced by both her lifelong interest in helping people and her own experience with pain.

When an accident left her with chronic neck and back pain she became frustrated by the lack of results she was getting with conventional medicine. She didn’t want to rely on muscle relaxers and pain medicine whenever she had a flare up. Then she met a chiropractor who changed her life. In addition to his treatment plan which included massage therapy he taught her how to prevent recurring flare-ups with a daily stretching and exercise routine as well as being mindful of her posture.

Because of her experience and positive results with chiropractic care, working in a chiropractor’s office seemed like a natural place to practice. She accepted a massage therapy position in a chiropractic office after graduation and practiced there for 5.5 years before starting her own business.

Working in a chiropractor’s office proved to be valuable and really prepared Diane for her own business. She had the benefit of collaboration as well as gaining knowledge from the chiropractor’s years of experience. And more importantly her patients got better. Their pain was either eliminated or they experienced less pain. Range of motion and joint mobility increased and all experienced an improved overall well-being. Diane was convinced early on in her career of the healing power of massage.

Diane’s commitment to helping people manage and move out of pain is reflected in the attention she gives each client. She makes sure she keeps up with what is going on in the industry and hones her skills by attending classes, reading books and taking workshops. She is also committed to staying strong and healthy by watching her diet, exercising and getting regular massages.

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